Work Projects for a Better Society

How well do you know issues that are not highlighted in conventional media? Probably not much, right? Or maybe you could say you are slightly better off, now that social media has become commonplace. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have undoubtedly played a huge, and vital role, in turning the world’s attention to issues that have failed to make it to mainstream media, for one reason or another.

That said, these are not the only platforms on which you can get an insight into some of the most pleasing issues. Some avenues have pretty much remained underground, but continue to play an equally important role, in alleviating the world of some of its worst abuses.

When you talk about such avenues, you are definitely speaking about Art Works Projects. This is a non-profit, multi-national organisation, that focuses on the paint and brush, to raise the world’s awareness of touchy issues like famine, child labour, human trafficking, and other violations of human rights.

It works together with other humanitarian bodies and individuals, with the aim of bringing a change to some of the world’s worst affected areas. The primary objective is to bring these issues, which are often missed by, or pushed out of the prime time news, to the world’s attention, with the hope that people with the necessary resources can intervene in whatever small way, that can make a positive impact.

If, for instance, a general practitioner such as found on, realises through art projects, that some rescued children require medical help, they can establish an online contact with the rescue group. Through an app, a practitioner can confidentially help such kids, even remotely, while situated miles away.

Works Projects Contact

Art Works Projects is headquartered in California, but has operations all over the world, and is open to partnerships with people of all calibres and abilities. Provided you can make a positive contribution; it doesn’t matter how small, then you are a welcome partner.

Such a contribution could be making a donation to help the artworks, hosting an exhibition, getting the message across to a greater audience, or connecting the organisation to an interest group. Whatever your contribution, there are numerous ways to get in touch with the organisation.

The easiest way in this internet age is to leave a note on their website, and wait for them to get back to you. You will be required to leave your email for easier future communication.

Alternatively, you can send a direct email through You could also place a call through their phone number (312) 649-0025, or physically visit their offices at 625 N. Kingsbury, Chicago, IL 60654. Physical visits can be made between Monday and Friday, 12 to 5pm. A prior appointment is necessary for the visit.