Working Tools and a repair space/shop


A standard toolbox for screwdrivers, spanners, multimeter, battery tester and other which you will build through your career. Not to mention replacement parts like fuses, belts, thermostats, replace resistors and capacitors.

Large repairs are taken away from the customer address like microwaves, mixers and medium size appliances may present themselves. A garage will do to start with, but after your business is running and you have a staffed shop is a good aim. However this can be seen as advanced.

Looking into setting up a website for advertising is a good idea which will earn repeat custom. Insurance for business, a licence, all limit your actions if in the event something goes wrong. Strong networking is also required because large amount of your repair business will be from word of mouth and known repeat customer repairs.

Pro’s and Con’s of repairs


  • Steady work. You will always have work due to the fact, things always break down.
  • Always learning. It’s continuously expanding so you will always be learning something new.


  • Heavy Lifting. Removal and transport of heavy appliances and associated parts.
  • Can’t fix all. Some appliances won’t be repairable and experience/customer advice is required, which is a learning curve.