The ZuluTrade trading platform

ZuluTrade is a trading platform for stock and share trading. ZuluTrade is a Trading Platform. Started in 2007 by current CEO Leon Yohai a Financial Technologist and Professional. Trading on a software platform means you are in control, you are investing your funds, at your own risks, but you need to just I am your this article research your investments and confidence in them and this established trading tool.

You get Free $25 for registering with the Zulu Trading platform. They are offer a reward scheme for new sign ups and commissions when people follow you and your investment advice. The social aspect of this trading platform, is that it allows you to share your positive returns and compete with other traders and receive followers to trying to compete and emulation results and raise trading ability standards .. resulting in more solid profits and long term returns.

Our ZuluTrade platform is community bases with real world contacts and team learning, target aims opportunities for all abilities. If your new and are still learning at ZuluTrade, we recommend a Demo account to grow and learn, while you learning about the trading basics and understanding trades like Stop loss, Research progressive, successively changing companies.

  • Events like new products, company takeovers, trading at the trough levels of the market variations.
  • Buy LOW, Sell HIGH .. Make money!
  • Become a Trading Expert

You have power in your hands with this trading platform with app available for IOS and Android phone, you can trade on go and blend it seamlessly with your job or daily life. Trading stronger whilst learning together, as a progressive community platform. This is a social oriented platform for communicating and building relationship with top talents and talent on the platform, to trade knowledge and build your trading skill sets collectively.

When you first log in to the site, pop up client welcomes you offer you support and help. This site is focused towards new traders and actively learning professionals. With support staff an email or chat screen available to help with technical platform or networking issues, this site has good support to parallel the trading environment. Committed to EU and Japan trading regulation, the development you want to learning and growth with passion and confident in the ZuluTrade platform and your own trading abilities.

Zulutrade Features

The website and mobile apps offer a number of core features which will help propel your portfolio and trader contacts;

  • Facebook style contacts and forums communication
  • Demo and real time stock market feedback
  • Professional Traders comments and daily tips, including tutorials
  • Ability to have friends and follows, which all help to increase your commissions
  • Connect and share orientated platform
    ZuluTrade, we are reaching out for new Trader to add to our global customer base. We have and are supporting numbers like 1 million plus users and want more! We are as hungry for success as you and are continuously raising our standards, improving our platform and app development versions to maximise your trading.