Art Works Projects: Fighting for rights through art

It is always refreshing to see an institution which genuinely fights for human rights without yearning for the benefit of popularity. Although such demand eventually catches up with such institutions, it comes as a secondary benefit and does not really interfere with such an organisation’s core mandate.

The downside of organisations who put popularity first is that they end up sacrificing the very dignity of the people whose rights they purport to fight for. Have you ever gone online and found a splash image of a hunger-stricken kid, or a graphic representation of an abused person? Much as you may try to understand the plight of the persons displayed, it evokes a sense of annoyance to see them portrayed as such. It feels as if the very person or institution that is claiming to help the victims is actually trying to exploit their grief.

Art Works Projects thus stands out as one of the genuine human rights defenders we have around. The organisation’s model of human rights’ advocacy not only protects victims, but it also uses their abilities to create a lasting image of how things are, versus how they should be.

What is Art Works Projects?

If you have not heard about the organisation yet, feel no guilt. That is just a testament to the behind-the-scenes model of the body’s operations. The organisation is a human rights advocacy group which highlights various human rights violations across the world.

It gives artists facilities such as second hand MacBook pro computers, which they can use to depict some of the gravest misdoings and spur the world into action. The artists may be actual victims of such violations or people who have witnessed the activities from the sidelines.

Art Works also offers an excellent platform for individuals and groups all over the world to get in on the advocacy experience, using whatever they have. The organisation gives publicity to people who are working on human rights advocacy art projects, connecting them to people who may want to offer financial support.

There is also the provision for people who may not be artists themselves to give the artworks publicity by hosting exhibitions. This means that people do not have to struggle with fitting into a pre-determined model; there is an entry point for people with whichever strengths they possess.

Art Works Projects Contact

Whatever mode of communication you prefer, it is pleasantly easy to get in touch with Art Works Projects. The organisation is based in California but is open to working with people from all around the world. They are reachable via email (, by phone (312) 649-0025 or through a note filled out on their website.

If you really want to see Art Works Projects in all its glory, then 625 n. Kingsbury, Chicago, IL 60654 is the address to visit.