Creating a Competitive Business Website

The number of people who are using the internet has been increasing significantly over the years. Even regions that were initially thought not to be tech savvy has joined the list of areas that have embraced online shopping. This means that every business that wants to gain presence must make a digital mark. A business that has no website has no space in the ever competitive market. It is not enough to just have a website however. Businesses must now ensure that their websites stand out and are professionally done.

Features of a Good Business Website

  • Easy navigation: Online business is fast paced. Even the most educated and sophisticated people will log out as soon as they realise that it is taking them too long to navigate through a website. Business websites should have clear labels, a search bar and simple language that will allow people to find what they are looking for within the shortest time possible. If it is a market place, the checkout process should be made easy enough for customers to figure it out for themselves without having to contact the company.
  • Mobile friendliness: Recent statistics indicate that more than half of the population online uses their mobile devices to access the internet and make transactions. Businesses whose sites are not mobile friendly are missing out on more than two billion people who check in daily using their mobile devices.
  • Security assurance: One of the reasons why it took longer before online markets caught up is because people did not trust their credibility. News of people being scammed online made it even more difficult. Thanks to web security features like encryption and data protection policies, shopping online has become far safer. Customers are always on the lookout for features like the small padlock on the URL bar among other details that assure them they are transacting with a safe site.
  • Fast load time: There are billions of sites on the world wide web. If yours takes forever to load, you can be sure that your web visitors will leave and likely won’t come back. A good business website must have a speedy load time. Anything beyond seven seconds is too much. Compress images and videos to hasten the load time and remove unneccessary extras.
  • Use of multi-media tools: Businesses should thrive to make their websites interactive. Use of animation, videos, photos and chat boxes are a good way of enhancing the look of a website and making it look credible.