Contractors in Florida


Buildings work is always stressful, with updates and motivation usually required in order to get maximum work productivity from you builders. Building work / fabrication and maintenance is the bread and butter of the industry, with many builders and regulators operating in this sector.

TSC or Tri-State Contractors have been operating in the Florida area since 1981. It has experience and specialisation in building construction (fabrication) and maintenance, they offer emergency repair work for most if not all aspect of building work, construction, water and foundation repair. Located in Jacksonville they can be reached for quotes and advice via their website and are a friendly and professional group.

Tri Town construction is another contractor located in the Florida area, with a nice range of good building services, remodelling, construction and roofing work all available to these professionals. These people also offer demolition and general commercial and residential work, so from utilities and accessories for any home or office. Painting and general construction are welcome here, so any difficult tasks or building work will be quoted for with friendly and approachable service.

Their work looks professional and accurate with a high level of finish and modern application and successful completion. Marc Devisse is the owner and he is happy to take calls for advice and quotes.